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Irish Landscape Photographer – Bio

Joe Fox Fine Art Photographer in AntarcticaLandscape Photographer Joe Fox BelfastNorthern Ireland Landscape Photographer

I was born in Belfast in the last fortnight of the sixties and brought up in West Belfast through the height of the troubles.
I Studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Queens University Belfast but don’t hold that against me.
I spent almost 10 years in the software industry before doing an about face and changing career to the arts. A true personal moment of enlightenment at the turn of the Century.
PR/Commercial Photographer based in Belfast when Im not travelling the world doing my photo agency work.

Tutored with the Open College of the Arts for over 8 years.
For the last 12 years I have concentrated on the business side of my photography but with the inception of my Radharc Images project in 2007 I started developing the Fine Art and print side of my photography.
In late 2014 I decided to convert my oldest website, (this one and dedicate it just to the photography which feeds my soul. Initially the galleries page link to a 3rd party print supplier for wide run prints and this also includes a curated collection of images which are of a limited run and which mean the most to me as a person. Each of the photos in this curated gallery has a story which impacts me as a photographer and more importantly as a person. They are a departure from my other work.

Fine Art Photographer – Artist Statement

Northern Ireland Landscape PhotographerNorthern Ireland Fine Art PhotographerIrish Landscape Photography

I like to deal with reality. I enjoy documenting the landscape and the human impact on it.
My home country, Ireland, has a Landscape which has almost totally been transformed by Man, from the original sparsely inhabited forest covered island to the Ireland we see today. This fascinates me and I am a great student of Irish myth, folklore, legend and history. My Landscape photography reflects this and I seek out these influences daily.
I extend this search beyond our own shores and have travelled from the Arctic to the Antarctic and from the deserts of Africa to the rainforest of Brazil. The natural world gives me energy and I try to document the fleeting nature of our influence and the non-fleeting impact of our influence on it.
My print work is heavily influenced by my previous history in black and white film arts photography. Grainy, noisy, artistic images which convey feeling more than fact still influence me and I have developed a digital workflow to bring this same feeling to my landscape, fine art and travel work.
Recently I have started to develop a curated collection of images. These images are in vivid colour and represent significant landmarks and waypoints in my life and my photographic journey. These are the images that are personal to me and which adorn my walls.
All of the images tell a story, which may be my story but which also can and should be your story. Down through the years Ive been emailed by other souls who have been touched by my photographs and for whom that fleeting moment also signifies something deeply personal.
I would love to hear your story.
Belfast Photographer Joe Fox